Irresistible Requests™ is a 12-week online interactive coaching program that will help you ask for—and get—what you want most in life, love and business.

If there's something that you want — a raise, a promotion, an opportunity, a favor, a commitment, more money, more respect — you can learn how to craft a request that feels clear, strong and graceful. A request that feels good to make. A request that leads to a YES.

I want you to hear the YES you deserve.

Let me show you how it's done

6 Online, Interactive Workbook Modules

These thought-provoking exercises help you design and use conversations that attract the partners and clients you need. You'll learn powerful communication strategies and tactics to help you live your best life.

6 Video Lessons

These high-impact videos take you through an easy step-by-step approach to discovering and eliminating the things that hold you back and help you unlock your full potential.

Science-based Program

Based on the latest scientific research in positive psychology, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence, you'll discover confidence, strength, and courage in your communication, presentations, meetings, negotiation, and leadership.

12 Group Coaching Calls

During the program, you'll meet with Annette every week to help you start making Irresistible Requests™ right out of the gate—without feeling desperate, needy, pushy, bossy, or presumptuous.

An Inspired Community

You are not alone. You will join a growing and supportive community of women who help each other ask for—and get—what they want most in their careers and in their lives.

Coaching for Success

An accountability system is built in to help you develop the skills you need to unlock the potential within you. Designed to fit into your busy schedule, you can dream big and take small steps.

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You can join the 12-week program for $450 per month for 6 months. You can come back any time and rediscover more powerful insights and breakthroughs. The program also includes a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

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to shift your career, shift your mindset, and start asking for what you deserve.
* Risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee

When was the last time you asked for something you wanted so much that it terrified you? When you learn the Art and Science of making Irresistible Requests™, you'll feel absolutely magical asking for what you want—and getting it.

Women who learn the Art and Science of Irresistible RequestsTM win more clients, strike bigger deals, make more sales, launch better initiatives, and lead faster teams. The potential returns from your investment far outweigh the cost of the program. Join Annette and many other women on a journey that will give you peace of mind and help you unlock the magic within you.

"You're buying a quantum leap and the tenacity to stay in the game. You're buying a feeling of strength and resilience and a sense of accomplishment. You're buying victory."

— Annette Saldaña, Creator of Irresistible RequestsTM
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    Monica Martino


    Annette's ability to get to the root of the problem and provide practical guidance is both comforting and empowering. We worked through several eye-opening exercises and received practical instructions for how to apply what we had learned in daily life.

  • img

    Kimberly Brown

    Strata Architects

    Within six months of the program with Annette, my new firm wrote and received international contracts that we never dreamt possible. I directly attribute that to the communication strategies I learned.

  • img

    Karen Zuckerman


    What I've learned from Annette pushes me regularly toward higher and higher standards for my work and my life. Her program is not just a gift, but an investment that will have profound effects and ripple out into all aspects of your life.

  • img

    Brooke Edmond


    Annette's ideas capitalize on the assets that women possess-instinct, insight, optimism-to help us work toward our goals. I especially enjoyed interacting with other women while we considered these concepts.

  • img

    Julie Peppito

    Visual Artist

    The key thing that changed everything for me was realizing that what I make has value. Value to everyone. She gave me tools to help me ask for the things I need. I am also more connected, fearless, and more able to have fun.

  • img

    Kathryn McRitchie


    In the 4 months following the program I have been able to generate double my monthly salary each month, have worked with new clients and have been able to pick up a bi-monthly project on a new magazine.

  • img

    Deana Perrin


    Thanks to Annette, our organization touched 90,000 customers in its first year, identified and rectified several thousand customer concerns, and drove incremental spend and revenue.

  • img

    Nancy Gould


    Since working with Annette, my sales performance has tripled and at the same time I am taking more time off than ever! I'm stepping into my power for the first time in a long time.

  • img

    Andrea Stoos McCarthy


    I finally left my office after almost 9 years and my business has been thriving. Simple changes in how I ask and what I ask for have made HUGE differences. I'm very proud of where I am compared to just one year ago.

  • img

    Ann Pearson

    Pearson Resource Management

    This was the best investment I could have made in my business this year. I am now in negotiation for a partnership that will add $20k to my bottom line, my confidence is elevated, and I am seeing opportunities to increase my profits in new areas.

  • img

    Anne Marie Richards


    After applying Annette's technique to both my professional and personal life, the outcome has been astonishing. I'm now able to speak with confidence, and/or challenge work-related issues. I know that this is just the beginning for me.

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Want to learn more about the program? Let's talk. You and me. I want to answer your questions.

Talk to me this week to learn more about Irresistible Requests™, a 12-week online interactive coaching program with a foundation in positive psychology, neuroscience and emotional intelligence. I'll talk you through the methods and techniques you'll use to create a whole new way of being—a new way of confidently and courageously creating conversations that give you what you want most. What are you waiting for? Sign up for a call to learn more.

  • learn Get what you need at home and at work
  • learn Develop leadership skills to get better results
  • learn Negotiate and get the salary you deserve
  • learn Feel confident making presentations and leading meetings
  • learn Recognize your value and charge what you're worth
  • learn Express your own authentic voice with confidence and courage

Reserve your spot. Get on a call with Annette this week.

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Reserve your spot. Get on a call with Annette this week.

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See how our approach is different

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Every woman can learn to Irresistibly Request what they want—and get it.

You are not alone.

You don't have to do it all by yourself. You'll be guided with proven, simple, easy-to-follow steps. And you will join a growing and inspired community of women who are here to help each other unlock their full potential.

Don't let fear stop you.

Feel centered, connected, empowered. You'll feel inspired, strong, excited, confident, and curious. Discover how to give your biggest, most authentic gifts to your career, your family, your community, and your life.

You are already powerful. Focus inward.

The greatest security lies within. You already have everything you need inside you. You're on a journey of self-discovery: to help you find and use your own power.

Be challenged and excited.

At times you might be uncomfortable. But you'll build real-world skills that will change your career and life using techniques based on positive psychology, neuroscience, and emotional intelligence.

No huge mountains to climb.

All you need to do is change the conversations with yourself and those around you. Our easy online format makes it easy to go at your own pace, on your own schedule.

Establish and meet real goals.

We will give you a simple accountability system to help you build the skills and healthy habits you need. We are your personal trainer to help you stay on track. Get ready to reach your goals.

Join the 12-week Irresistible Requests™ program for


for 6 months
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As a member, you'll participate in online workbook modules, lively video lessons, leading-edge program content, group coaching calls, an inspired community of like-minded women, and a simple accountability system to help you stay on track in meeting your goals for yourself.

We donate a portion of our revenue to organizations dedicated to women—such as Kiva, CARE, Ashoka, and Stanford Clayman Institute's Center for the Advancement of Women's Leadership. You can feel good knowing that when you invest in yourself, you are also investing in other women.

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About Annette

At the age of 18, Annette was helping a non-profit called the Hunger Project. In her quest to help reduce world hunger, she realized that her ability to ask for what she wanted was the single biggest success factor in her relationships and earnings, and in building effective organizations. Since then, she has spent more than 20 years helping entrepreneurs and executive leaders of large companies like American Express and Ogilvy & Mather, energizing them to change their conversations to change their lives.

  • Module 1 - Observing yourself:

    Understand your natural instincts and how they affect your business results.

    You can't change someone else — so put your focus where it counts. Observe yourself. How do you think? How do you act? How do you limit yourself by the way you classify or label yourself? What do you say to yourself and how does that make you feel? Now take a step outside of that and lay the foundation for sublime confidence and peace of mind.

    1. Tap into the wisdom of the ages. What do Buddha, Socrates and Freud have in common? They all advocated for this ONE skill you will learn and practice that, once you master it, will make people believe you were "born" confident and eloquent.
    2. Ask for what you want in an ethical, authentic and irresistible way. Are you ready to discover that you already have the ability to influence others and get people to say yes to almost anything, even the questions you're afraid to ask? Yep, even those hard ones that feel knotty and tight in your stomach.
    3. Identify the 5 voices that control your behavior — and which ones you should develop for success in business and life.
    4. Learn how to overcome the hidden barriers to getting what you want. You will discover how to gain control and lower the emotional stress in tense situations.
    5. Unlock the secret weapon to unleashing your innate genius so you can take advantage of opportunities you might have previously missed.

  • Module 2 - Tolerance and Choice:

    Find the strength to stop settling for less than you deserve.

    Do you put up with certain circumstances because you feel limited? Are you settling for less than you want from life? Success isn't something you wait for. It's created with every request. Higher fees, bigger clients, larger donations, connections with key players, introductions to new markets, joint ventures, referrals, VC funding, pie-in-the-sky proposals, better performance from your team, a little more help at home. Get ready to talk about what's working, what's not, and learn what to do about it.

    1. Calculate your Toleration Quotient and learn how much it's costing you to settle for the status quo
    2. Stop being afraid of the reactions of others and start asking with confidence, joy and ease
    3. Finally break free from your negative patterns and evolve
    4. Take actions that produce the exact results you're craving (I call these "evolutionary actions")
    5. Let go of the fear of "no" and conquer your fear of failure. Get ready to feel power and certainty, and experience the ability to influence.
    6. Welcome the possibility of making requests into your life so that you can pave the way to actually getting what you most want. The victory is not only in the "yes" you might receive as an answer —the victory is in asking.
    7. Redefine "responsibility" and realize your inner power to create lasting change. You'll be able to see all the choices you already have and to use them as starting points for your evolutionary actions.

  • Module 3 - Committed Listening and Speaking:

    Learn to speak from your heart instead of your fears.

    Got a business challenge? There's a 99.9% chance it can be solved with an intentional, irresistible request. It's the most magical, lickety-split way to create business opportunities wherever you go. Whatever your goal might be, the secrets of pro-active listening and consistent messaging will accelerate the rate of achievement.

    1. Take control of your future by adopting new thought patterns. Start by defining your identity and answering the question "Who am I?" based on your commitments instead of just emotions or external factors.
    2. Create the outcome you desire most by defining and focusing on your commitments
    3. Identify and overcome the 3 biggest roadblocks to being irresistible. You'll learn how your biological programming, your perceptions and your opinions are holding you back and how exactly you can shift toward Committed Speaking instead.
    4. Discover the most pivotal key to your effectively asking for what you want. Move away from your habitual reactions and start listening pro-actively.
    5. Establish authentic trust and design your conversations like an architect: with a solid foundation and a the focus on purpose, effect and integrity.
    6. Create conversations that move the world.
  • Module 4 - Conditions of Satisfaction:

    The fundamental tool for getting what you really want.

    When clients keep asking for things that are way outside the scope of the original proposal or agreement, timing is tight, and you want to please them… how do you set boundaries? When you want to buy out your business partner what are the things you need to think about before you go and make your requests? When you need to ask someone on your team to do something important, how do you set expectations? You can lay out clear conditions of satisfaction, and be an irresistible influence on others.

    1. Directly ask for what you want without being pushy or bossy.
    2. Ensure that deadlines are met and tasks are executed nearly flawlessly, simply by eliminating vague language.
    3. Make requests that result in a positive outcome for all parties involved.
    4. Avoid frustration on both sides of the communication channel.
    5. Use your Irresistible Request Checklist to make sure you're not leaving any gaps or holes that have the potential to jeopardize your success.
    6. Plan a conversation using your specific conditions of satisfaction, observe yourself, reflect and adjust.
  • Module 5 - Mood

    There's a way to ask and feel good about it.

    How do you conduct sales calls when you don't want to seem desperate? How do you remain enthusiastic when the women on your staff or team resent you for leading, and you're perceived as pushy or arrogant? How do you muster the strength to stop giving away your talent when you feel you don't have enough "star power" or notoriety behind you? Your moods affect your conversations with others, and your conversations affect your profits and peace of mind.

    1. Easily identify and transform the five moods that jeopardize your future
    2. Cultivate the key moods that lead to success so that you can astonish the world by simply being irresistible
    3. Achieve your goals at the speed of light by shifting toward a positive state of being
    4. Master your moods so that your habits won't keep you stuck and so that you can be effective and efficient in all your endeavors
    5. Use your language and physical body as powerful tools to let go of negative moods — you'll become more and more authentic, strong and irresistible
    6. Identify and overcome the single biggest threat to all your relationships (It's not what you might think!)
    7. Achieve your goals feeling joyful, free and flexible by liberating yourself from attachments
    8. Make your wildest dreams come true by climbing out of the four pitfalls that affect your moods in three simple steps
  • Module 6 - Context:

    How "wish fulfillment" becomes irresistible to others.

    Choose your context, and the context you create for others. Did you ever think you can give to others by asking? Learn how your authentic voice can create contexts that elicit the best in others and get ready to lead conversations that move the world.

    1. Identify the key factor to being irresistible despite any challenges that might come up for you.
    2. Inspire people to fulfill your request — from a place of honesty and integrity.
    3. Enhance mutual respect and trust to achieve dramatically improved results by sharing your reasons and intentions with others.
    4. Exceed your desired outcome by unlocking inspiration and motivation and including others in your bigger picture.
    5. Get everyone joyfully on board with your request by paying attention to what matters to them and creating a context that benefits everyone.

This is more than a career shifter. This is a mindset shifter, a life shifter. Don't wait until you feel "ready". Invest in yourself today. All you have to do is start the conversation. This is the place to come if you truly want to succeed in life, love and business.

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